Welcome to PARGEN, LLC

PARGEN is a business development firm specializing in renewable energy solutions — committed to being responsible for the environment, while fully understanding economic realities.

PARGEN combines years of experience in business development and management in the power and energy industry together with their proprietary computer modeling to accurately pre-determine economic impact of distributed generation solutions. PARGEN offers customers a “one-stop” solution for energy analysis, applicable technology review, financial modeling and implementation.

PARGEN has had experience analyzing and implementing several technologies.  These technologies include solar, fuel cell, batteries, wind, storage, gen sets, micro turbines and micro grids.  The applicable technology for a site may be one, or a combination, of the available technologies.

In an effort to maximize the use of green energy and lessen dependence on fossil fuels, PARGEN has developed a team of Technology Manufacturers, Engineering Procurement Construction Firms (EPCs), and Project Financing Specialists to structure the building, installation and financing of the project. PARGEN coordinates the team and host users to maximize the efficient use of both renewable energy and capital investment.

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