What is my carbon footprint?

Your “carbon footprint” is a measure of your impact on the environment, in terms of the carbon dioxide emitted as a result of your daily activity. Use this calculator to estimate your carbon footprint from the energy you use and the vehicle you driveā€”and learn how PARGEN can help you reduce your footprint.

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Carbon Footprint

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Federal Agencies Team Up to Foster Growth in Green Jobs

As the U.S. Department of Labor plans to release $500 million in Recovery Act funds to help prepare workers for careers in energy efficiency and renewable energy, DOE has joined forces with the departments of Labor and Education to help spur the growth in green jobs.

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President Obama Announces a Comprehensive National Fuel Economy Policy

Reducing our nation’s dependence on oil imports will rely in part on improved fuel economy, while addressing climate change requires less greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. A new national policy addresses both issues at the same time.

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LEED Rating System Drafts

LEED is developed through a process in which proposed new rating systems or significant revisions to existing ones are reviewed by USGBC, the Technical Advisory Group, USGBC’s Board of Directors, and finally, the LEED Steering Committee. Once these reviews are completed, the new rating systems or revisions are opened for public review and comment. In accordance with USGBC policies, the first comment period is open to the public for at least 45 days. After the comment period closes, comments are incorporated into the draft, an outline of the changes are posted, and a second public comment period is held, during which the public can comment on any changes made since the first comment period. The final draft is delivered to USGBC members for balloting.


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