Questions & Answers

Can you predict the savings of a solar system as compared to the utility rates over 20 years?

Yes. However, a few general assumptions as to the tariff escalation rebates must be taken into consideration.

What data must be known to accurately predict cost savings from going solar?

1. Will the sun come up tomorrow?
2. Cost of your solar system on a per A/C watt generated basis
3. Available incentives/rebates.
4. Tax benefits.
5. Current customer electricity usage by hour.
6. Solar production by hour.
7. Utility tariff rate by hour.
8. Estimated utility escalation of rates and net metering policies.
9. Renewable energy credits / and sale opportunity of tags.

What are the most important items to look for to make a system financially viable?

1. The installed cost per A/C watt of production.
2. Rebates and incentives.
3. Tax benefits

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